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Roadworthy Inspections in the NT

In the Northern Territory, it is mandatory for all vehicles to undergo Roadworthy Inspections at certain intervals prior to renewing your registration. This important step in ensuring road safety and vehicle functionality is conducted by Pauls Service Centre, an Authorised Vehicle Inspector and a Repco Authorised Service centre.

Pauls Service Centre can conduct Rego Checks for all Passenger vehicles and Light Commercial up to 4.5 tonne GMV. The NT government have set a fixed fee for inspection services depending on type.

The inspection process can be completed quickly, often within an hour or less. This is a great option for busy drivers who don't want to waste a lot of time waiting around for their vehicle to be inspected.

After the inspection is complete, if the vehicle meets the Roadworthy standards, it will be issued a Roadworthy Certificate, which confirms the vehicle's roadworthiness. However, if any issues are detected during the inspection, repairs will be recommended and need to be completed before the certificate is issued.

By having Roadworthy Inspections conducted by Pauls Service Centre, vehicle owners can ensure their vehicles meet the standards and are compliant with Northern Territory road regulations to register their car or renew their registration which is required at 5yrs, 10yrs and then annually thereafter.

Defects Notice - Should you have ben issued with a Defects notice we can assist with repairs. Once the defects have been addressed it can be taken to a MVR facility to have the defect notice cleared.

Interstate change of registration - Pauls Service Centre can conduct the Inspection, however, there is a 2nd step and the Inspection report and the vehicle will need to present to a MVR facility for a Compliance Check.

We also inspect the vehicle's window tinting with a specialised measurement device. If you have had any modifications done then this will also be inspected.

With over 30 years of experience, the highly skilled and trained technicians at Pauls Service Centre use the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to conduct these inspections accurately and efficiently. Plus can perform all mechanical repairs required.

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